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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Clowns to the Left...

     Just looking at the list of people being talked about for the Labour and Tory leadership, and I can’t help but think what a bunch of no mark political lightweights they mostly are. Barely one of them has any experience outside of politics, law, media, or charity. And not one of them looks like they could successfully run a corner shop let alone a country.

     Where have all the great politicians of the past gone? The thinkers, the orators, the innovators, the people who come from the working classes, and have experience of damp walls and dole queues?

     Where are the leaders, and most importantly of all, the people who inspire?

     It’s no coincidence that we’ve ended up in such a mess during a time when we have a parliament full of opportunists, and parties being run by PR people and media relations execs. MP’s are more worried about how they look and sound, than what they are doing and saying.

     Let’s be honest, just how well do we think a country is going to be run, when the Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Home Secretary, are not even able to stand on a stage without being coached about how far apart to put their feet?

     Just think about that for a moment… You are being led by people who don’t even know how to stand up on their own.

     Scary isn’t it?

     So, who do we blame for being stuck with this bunch of middle manager’s, opportunists, and expenses driven halfwitted cowards?

     We blame ourselves.

     Yep, me and you.

     We are the ones who accept parachuted parliamentary candidates. We are the ones who don’t deselect underperforming MP’s and give them a job for life. We are the ones who read the media baron newspapers even though they churn out more rubbish than Mexico City on Boxing Day morning. We are the ones who sit back. We are the ones who vote for the same party because it’s the party we’ve always voted for and we “couldn’t vote for the other lot”. We are the ones who let them off the hook so they don’t have to try. We are the ones who don’t get involved. We are the ones who shout at the telly, but don’t shout at the hustings.

     We are the ones who let them do it to us.

     We are the ones who let them get away with it.

     You and I.

     We are the ones who are to blame.

     So stop moaning on Facebook, and get out there and do something about it.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The British Lion Sample Chapters.

     I keep forgetting to spread the word about the free sample of my second novel for HaperCollins, The British Lion, which is available to read over on my Facebook author page.

     It's a thriller, and the sequel to my first book, The Darkest Hour, about which the Wall Street Journal said:

     "Schumacher's assured and atmospheric writing make this a memorable novel..."

     So it must be good!
     Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Collection of Minutes.

        Someone said to me the other day:

     “I’d love to write a book but I just don’t have the time.”
     “You don’t really want to write a book,” I replied. “You think you do, but you don’t.”
     “No, really, I do!”
     “You don’t, because if you did, you would.”
     “No really, I work full time, and by the time I get home…”
     “No, honestly,” I tried again. “If you really, and I mean really, wanted to write a book, you’d do it. 
     Even if it was just one minute a day, you’d do it. You would write that book.”

     Now I understand, looking back at that conversation, that maybe I was being a little hard on someone who just wanted a little encouragement. But seriously, it drives me crazy when I hear people saying over and over at book events: “I’d love to write but…”

     If you want to write.  


     There, it is that easy, just do it.

     When all you have is a minute, do a minute’s worth of writing.

     If you think about it, a book is just a collection of minutes spent thinking and typing. Sure there is love in there, sure there is inspiration, sure there is pain, frustration and probably a few tears and a lot of fears, but when you break it all down, chisel it away until you are left with the atoms and protons that lie in between the words on the page:

     It is just a collection of minutes.

     If you have a minute, write for a minute, or think for a minute, or plan for a minute, but use that minute to get to the end of your book.

     Get writing, because you can do it.


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Magic Words...

     Being a writer has given me many special moments over the years. Be it opening my first box of books from HarperCollins, or maybe chatting to a reader in a bookstore who was a fan, or even walking into the New York Public Library and seeing my book on the shelf... they were all great moments, and I thank my lucky stars I've had the chance to experience them.

     I have a great job.

     I just had another one of those great moments, probably my favorite one of them all.

     I just wrote the two words every writer loves the most:

     "The End."

     I made it, another book written.
     Now all I have to do is start the next one and do it all over again!
     Wish me luck!

     Tony Schumacher on Amazon

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Light the Fire.

I posted a short blog the other day (here, thanks for asking!) about the things I wish I’d been doing before I became published. The idea was that people could learn from my mistakes, and then not make them themselves.
Well, I've had a few replies over on Google+, and seeing as I know a lot of people don’t go there, I thought I would share one of the comments, and my answer, because I thought it was interesting, and it is one I've been asked before.
Hope it helps you!
     “I'm glad I actually read that before I gotten my book completely written. Thank you, I hope that I'm able to do these things and I'm glad that you decided to make it a blog post to try and help others. I also have a blog, but I only have two posts on it, simply because I don't know what else to really blog about... “
My reply:
     “Hi there and thank you! The thing about blogging is, the more you do it, the easier it gets. You will soon start to see opportunities for topics everywhere. For instance, I'm looking at your reply and I can see the following blog topics jumping right out at me:
  1. How google+ is a great place for learning stuff.
  2. Your ongoing struggle to find topics to blog about.
  3. How asking questions on the internet helps you form connections, which in the long terms, may help you sell books and learn.
  4. How sharing stuff on the net helps others, in and return helps you.
     There you go, four posts (and there are probably more) all from one reply. The trick is to learn to look for the stuff you can use. Imagine you are building a fire, and the question, comment, or discussion is a place to find kindling. Once you start looking, you’ll soon have too much to carry!
     Another important thing to remember is that blog posts don't have to be 1000 words long! Sometimes a short blog carries more weight than a long one, and it is often more likely to get read until the end.
Good luck with your writing!”
     Always remember, the kindling for blogging is everywhere, you just have to learn how to spot it so can start lighting your own fire!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

If You Think You Can't, You're Wrong...

     I'd always wanted to be able to call myself a writer, but if truth be told, I thought that time had passed me by. Thing is though, I kept fighting, kept going, and most importantly, I kept writing until one day, it happened... I was a writer. 

     Here's a little article about how it happened:

Friday, 6 May 2016

Just Imagine...

    I was in Haworth, Yorkshire, the other day. It was cold, clear, crisp and quite beautiful. I walked through a churchyard, and then into a church that was lit by the springtime sun streaming through a stained glass window, that threw colours on the ground like puddles of joy. 


   The church was empty, quiet except for the sound of the birds singing outside, and the sound of my footsteps inside, as I walked up to a brass plaque set in the floor. 

     Someone had left a bunch of flowers and a "Thank You" card on the plaque. I picked up the card and read it:

     "Thank you for the joy you have given me, thank you for the books."

     That was it, 150 years after they had died, a thank you to a writer for the time they had taken to write. 

     Just imagine that?

     Tony Schumacher on Amazon